Friday, October 09, 2009


I did this on my spare time while currently interning in Japan. I'm pretty sure most of you designers and artist are aware that you have little time working on your personal project. As for me, I tried to spend this as much as I can and took me roughly about 5 hrs total rendering it on and off. :(

I'll post a newer draft of this piece later during the week (if I have time).

Here's a second one:


Thomas said...

Man Casey, how you doing?
I have the exact same picture in front of that giant buddha statue from my vacation to Japan. It's awesome you get to intern there. Must be quite the adventure.

Man, you're rocking it straight up on this thing. Solid work. Love the way you're incorporating photo elements. I gotta get into that.

Drop me a line sometime yo and tell me how you're doing!


KC said...

Thanks, Thom! Work is a bit hectic here compared to ones in US but at least I get to experience a different lifestyle compared to LA. :)

I try not to use as much photo references in my painting. One thing to note is that I use the photos only on places that has light reflected on.

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Tyler James said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your process!